The influence of Lahnga on Pakistani bridal Fashion

Lehenga Ivory Silk Embroidered Fancy Dori Work

The influence of Lahnga on Pakistani bridal fashion has always been present, but during the colonial period, lehnga was introduced to Lahore. This new style was designed for women with voluptuous figures. These brides were considered to be very beautiful. As a result, the style became popular among the upper class of society. However, it was soon discouraged in the later years. Today, it is still fashionable to wear lehnga on a wedding day in Pakistan.

Lahnga on wedding dresses gained further popularity after the Second World War. However, they remained out of the limelight during the festivities ubtil later years. Many modern bridal fashions are inspired by the traditional styles of wedding in Pakistan. These include heavy embellishments on the veil, long flowing gowns, intricate headdresses and rich, floral bouquets and lahngas fit right in.

Nowadays, designers from Pakistan are designing their own bridal wears, which are influenced by international patterns and styles and infusing them in traditonal bridal wear. This has given rise to a new trend of Pakistani bridal wear.

Lahnga on marriages is very much prevalent in Pakistan. There are various wedding ceremonies held in this traditional style of dress, which symbolizes the essence of traditional, customary and modern cultures. Some of the most popular bridal fashions are: Aabida Burqini Suit, Anarakali Suit, Bell Bottom Suit, Bogra Suit, Chanakya Suit, Delhi Bollywood Style Suit and many more. All these are available in various designs, colors and styles, making them ideal bridal attire for all types of wedding ceremonies. Most Pakistani brides prefer to wear these styles of bridal wear during their weddings.

The influence of Lahnga on Pakistani wedding ceremonies can be traced back to its conception during the seventeenth century. Its origin was attributed to a Punjabi lady called Nizhnath, who invented a style of wedding ceremony, which was characterized by a long, flowing dress and veil. This marked the beginning of a new era in which the bridal wear of the women were greatly emphasized, in terms of elegance, tradition and grandeur. Although there have been many changes and modifications in the wedding traditions of the Punjab people, the old customs and styles are still very much prevalent, as evident from the huge crowd at various wedding ceremonies.

The bridal wear of today is highly embellished and highly fashionable. A bridal gown can go a long way in complementing the wedding theme and selecting the right type of traditional bridal wear can add a sense of style and sophistication to your wedding. Traditional bridal wears of the Punjab people have been kept alive and well for several decades now, which is another reason behind the popularity and recognition they enjoy. With such a rich heritage and culture, it is not surprising that the brides love to wear the traditional bridal wear at their weddings. So, the next time you plan to get married, make sure you keep in mind the influence of Lahnga on Pakistan bridal fashions.

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