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Handbags in Pakistan

Ladies Handbags in Pakistan

Handbags in Pakistan Over the last few years, the demand for ladies handbags in Pakistan has grown tremendously. The ever increasing demand from western countries is due to many reasons; one major reason is the increasing urbanization of the people in the west and the developing countries. Another reason is the ever-increasing popularity of designer handbags in the west for daily […]

Active Wear in Pakistan

Active Wear in Pakistan Fitness clothing and sportswear industries have grown at an unprecedented pace in Pakistan. The fitness sector in Pakistan is enjoying a revival, where people are more aware of their overall fitness regimes, and conscious of their diet. More consumers are willing to invest in their personal fitness, and this has resulted […]

The influence of Lahnga on Pakistani bridal Fashion

Lehenga Ivory Silk Embroidered Fancy Dori Work

The influence of Lahnga on Pakistani bridal fashion has always been present, but during the colonial period, lehnga was introduced to Lahore. This new style was designed for women with voluptuous figures. These brides were considered to be very beautiful. As a result, the style became popular among the upper class of society. However, it […]

Lehenga – All the glitters and Glamour

Nowadays, Lehenga is an obvious choice of a bride as a wedding dress in Pakistan. Over a period of time, Lehenga has become the must have for festivals, Eid, birthdays and any occasion. The lehenga, lehnga or langa, is a form of full ankle-length skirt worn by women with intricate embroidery with many patterns and styles.  It is lower part […]