Active Wear in Pakistan

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Active Wear in Pakistan 2

Active Wear in Pakistan

Fitness clothing and sportswear industries have grown at an unprecedented pace in Pakistan. The fitness sector in Pakistan is enjoying a revival, where people are more aware of their overall fitness regimes, and conscious of their diet. More consumers are willing to invest in their personal fitness, and this has resulted in a significant demand for top quality sportswear and gym wear. Demand for sports apparel has skyrocketed in the private sector in the past few years, as the government has promoted sports and recreational activities in schools, colleges and universities. This has also encouraged parents to ensure that their children have proper and safe facilities to engage in sports.

As it is, there is a big requirement for active wear and sportswear in the fitness industry. As the country’s population is growing, the need for active wear and sportswear is rising too. Most of these garments are used by both men and women. They are mainly used for practicing sports, exercising and working out. Some of these apparel are: T-shirts, shorts, gym clothes, jackets, jump suits, Sports trousers, martial arts uniforms, cross training wear, yoga pants outfits. These garments are available in many different colors and made from various fabrics.

As the demand for gym and active wear is increasing, designers are starting to take notice of the huge demand and are designing clothes that are not only comfortable but also sportswear appropriate to the wearer. A few of the popular brands that offer these clothes are: Aran, Carters, Elite Activewear, Fastcycle, Kustoms, Moxibustion, Oakley, Pure Intentions, Sun Brands and Warrior Gear. These companies are aggressively marketing their products and have launched their own showroom in major cities to ensure that their clients get quality garments at affordable prices. Clothes from these companies are available at leading outlets all over Pakistan.

Aran Fitness Wear offers a wide variety of fitness wear for men, women and children. The fitness wear section of Aran has been developed to meet the needs and requirements of both male and female users. Aran fitness wear features men’s fitness wear that includes t-shirts, shorts, sweatpants, training apparel, sweatpants, gym wear, workout gear, board shorts and vests. Other accessories that are available with Aran clothing are sweatbands, jewelry, wristbands, belts, caps, bags and shoes.

Carters Fitness Wear is a brand of women’s apparel and has been designing and manufacturing fitness wear since 1986. It has specialized in sports and exercise wear for women and has been manufacturing women’s apparel since then. The company’s core product category is active wear and is divided into several sub-categories such as gym wear, casual wear, athletic wear and sports wear. Carters has recently taken up an agreement with Reebok and will be offering gym wear collection. The gym wear section of the company boasts of top-of-the-line quality sportswear from top brands.

Evisu Activewear is one of the leading brands of active wear in Pakistan. The brand offers both casual and sports wear clothes and has been in business since 1986. Evisu sports wear clothes are known for their high level of comfort and ease of movement.

Ed Hardy is a major name in the fashion industry when it comes to men’s casual wear. The Ed Hardy collection offers top-notch quality and style at affordable prices. An Ed Hardy shirt or t-shirt is known for its attention-grabbing graphic designs and bold colors. The Ed Hardy collection also boasts of great comfort and durability. Evisu, Carters and Ed Hardy offer active wear clothes section in their websites.

These five websites not only offer top-quality but at cheaper prices. They also provide great information about different types of active wear and how to get the best deals from these clothes. They also have the latest line of clothing for women.

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